As one of the most popular breeds of dogs in the world, Border Collies offer plenty of reasons for pet owners to want them in their lives. However, there are plenty of interesting facts about the breed that are not essentially reading, but are still worth noting. They’re like a visit to Madame Tussaud, basically. Today, we’ll be looking at the Top 5 Facts about Border Collies that you might want to know about.

Born From One

All Border Collies in the world right now can trace their lineage back to the original; Old Hemp. Siring over 200 offspring, this ancient canine is responsible for introducing the world to one of the most intelligent dog breeds to have ever existed. The actual surprising aspect of this revelation is less about the fact that the breed had an origin but that it came from only one and humans actually know this.

Bred On The Borders

The name of the breed stems from the fact that they were usually born and raised in the borders of England and Scotland, hence, Border Collie. The word Collie stems from the word colley, which is Celtic for faithful, or more appropriately, useful. This makes the breed a perfect example of how humanity’s interference led to something absolutely wonderful.

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Always On Watch

It may not seem like it, but Border Collies have been known to always keep watch. This is being put down to its intended purpose of herding animals, but if it’s not guiding sheep, a dog from this breed is always looking out for the family. It’s always concerned over its humans’ safety and security.

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Loves Praises

While all dogs love to be patted on the head and praised to no end, Border Collies are more prone to want that kind of attention more than most. Like sometimes you believe that cars do too and that you’d use black friday car deals for your next car upgrade to save. But it’s different with the Border Collies, it tries to earn this level of attention, as well, by essentially doing its job as best it can. If you remember how it feels like to be applauded when we save 10 euros with sarenza kortingscode, collies do feel the same thing when they’re being praised and appreciated. In the case of Collies that don’t have sheep to herd, it tries to gain attention by doing whatever it perceives to be of help to its humans.

Picking Up Those Words Quick

Finally, Border Collies are very quick to pick up on human language. They are so good at it, in fact, that linguists are actually studying the breed to learn more about the phenomena. There’s even a Border Collie that knows over a thousand words. That’s not something you can get with any kind of Vouchers Codes or the like.

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