If you are looking for a dog that can be the perfect furry companion, you might like Border Collies. These are some of the best canines you are ever going to come across, especially if you are someone with needs that are more special than most. From accompanying you to Amsterdam Top Sightseeing spots when going on vacation as your comfort dog to fetching practically any kind of item you want, Border Collies can deliver on the promises of their reputation.

It is worth noting, however, that not all Border Collies are going to be the same. What we’re discussing today are just generalizations, which are commonly attributed to the breed.

Really Smart

Border Collies are known to be among the most intelligent dog breeds in the world. They have earned a reputation for being able to follow commands quite well and for being really easy to train. This is a really important point to stress since a smart dog will inevitably mean a more helpful dog.

For those who might have needs of a special sort such as owners with disabilities, having a Border Collie around can result in alleviating burdens on the part of the person. They do this by performing some of the more mundane aspects of life such as fetching items or monitoring the well-being of the owner.

Super Friendly

Another reason for wanting a Border Collie as a pet is how friendly they are. They are easily among the most amicable dog breeds in the world. Collies can instantly be friends with a stranger, often to an inconvenient degree, and they are also ready for playtime at any time.

Given how so many other dog breeds can be either dull or downright mean, having one that will automatically make your day is as good of a reason to get a Border Collie as any.


Dog breeds that are non-aggressive were bred to be that way and the same goes for the other side of the spectrum. In the case of the Border Collie, this dog breed was cultivated to strike a good balance between assertiveness in herding sheep without becoming aggressive.

These dogs will make sure that you know where it is at and what it intends. However, cases where Border Collies resort to violent behaviour are quite rare.

Great With Kids

Finally, Border collies are really great with kids. They can play with them all day, can be unbelievably amazing companions, and are always game for running around in the yard. If you need a dog that can easily keep your little ones entertained, a Border Collie can do it with ease. You can Shop Online Using Discounts to look for sellers of this dog breed or to buy dog supplies.